The River City Times, Vol. @, No. 61, Dec 22 - Jan 4, 2006. Used with permission.

This Crowe Can Really Sing and Play the Blues.


When / why did you first pick up a guitar?

In 6th grade my Dad taught me three chords on a guitar for the talent show. I performed two songs, "This land is your land" and " He's got the whole world in his hand."

How did you get into the Blues?

Purely by accident! When I started playing the blues, I found it was a style of music that suited me, as a result it opened up my way of approaching music.

Who are the current members of the band? How did you get all together to form the band?

I have been performing and co-writing with my husband Tony for 25 years. The most recent lineup included Mark Moretto on drums, Danny Light on guitar, who Tony and I have worked with for 15 years, and Tony on bass. The Robin Crowe Band was a rare and special thing. All of us were headed in the same direction, and as a result it took on a life of its own.

How long have you been together? How many shows do you do a year?

On an average I'd say 12 years. It's different for us because we are always looking for new and different venues to play. I also perform solo, and with Tony as a duet, and with other musicians between shows.

Who are your musical influences?

My biggest influences have been those people I have had the opportunity to perform with through the years. As for the famous ones, it sometimes surprises me. I may have been listening to someone on the radio for years and then they will put our a song that just blows me away, and I hear them in a different light. Some of my favorites would be Lucinda Williams, Bonnie RAitte, or Bruce Springsteen to name just a few.

What is your live show like?

For us it is a combination of anticipation, anxiety and the satisfaction of being able to go out and do our music and be accepted. For the audience, we hope they will walk away with the same experience, in some way.

What separates your band from all the other bands out there?

We're really not so different. Every band has a picture in their mind about what they want from the music. We blaze our own trail by performing with national acts or at festivals to intimate venues like the Contemporary Art Center.

What is your best experience as a band?

The first big show we ever did, it was two shows with Emmy Lou Harris. Honestly, it is cool how it happens that there have been moments on stage at a dirt floor Honky Tonk, that were just pure magic, it's hard to name just one. Also having the great "Davidson Photography" Do all our band photos is a thrill.

The worst?

Our first two weeks as a road band! It included every horror story you've ever heard. For me it was Tucumcari, New Mexico, but you'll read about that in the book, ha ha ha.

What is the hardest thing about being in a band for this genre?

Being pigeon holed. We don't adhere to one particular style of Blues, for example, Delta Blues, or Chicago Blues. Instead we find ourselves combining styles, therefore creating some controversy among some purists. We welcome this, because it lets us know that people are listening.

Your favorite places to play?

Anywhere people will listen, but I would have to say the most rewarding performances have been for local charities. So the answer to your question ... Peoria, Illinois. The sense of community is really invigorating.
In August of this year, we released our new CD "Kickapoo County Line." Not only is it our most recent, but is showcases the creative collaboration of the years of work with Danny Light and Mark Moretto. As a result we discovered Danny's hidden talent for producing, and Mark's lyrical gift.
Presently, I have had the opportunity to pursue some really cool avenues out on the East coast as a songwriter/performer.
On New Year's Eve you can catch Mark, Tony, and I at "Johnny Vig's at the Metro Center in Peoria.





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